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Medical and Vision Insurance accepted at Eye Department Portland

Navigating medical and vision insurance can be a daunting experience. If you are looking for information about medical and vision insurance accepted at Eye Department, keep reading. Eye Department (mostly the amazing duo of Michelle and Monique) help and assist patients in authorizing benefits, seeking estimate of benefits, filing and submitting claims for reimbursement. Medical and Vision Insurance is a financial relationship between the member, their employer and a third party payer called an Insurance company. Dr. Annie and Eye Department are listed as preferred providers on many many insurance company panels. Below you will find a gallery of insurance company logos for your reference. Each of these clickable images may redirect the user to a claims submission form.

Eye Department encourages every patient to know and understand their vision and medical insurance plans and benefits. In today’s marketplace, it is more crucial than ever to know and understand your insurance benefits. Understanding how to maximize your benefits is the best way to not leave money on the table. When we think about maximizing benefits, the quality of care should be considered first and foremost. It is true that not all insurance coverage is the same. It is also safe to say that not all patient care is created equal. Most locals will agree that a McDonalds hamburger is not nearly as amazing as a Portland Killer Burger.¬† Eye Department; Eye Care & Eyewear is a locally owned family business. For those looking for individualized¬† eye care by a Doctor who is passionate about providing the best eye care possible, give Eye Department a call at 503-227-0573 to see the difference.

Vision vs. Medical Insurance: In some cases, a routine vision exam can transition to a medical eye exam, IF during the course of the examination the doctor discovers a condition that requires additional testing or a special diagnostic procedure. it is the doctor’s discretion whether or not they will need to address it during this exam or have you return for a follow up exam to begin monitoring and/or treating the medical condition. In this case, the patient’s medical insurance would be billed.

We will ask for your medical ID card and your drivers license. The eye care provided at Eye Department may involve diagnosing medical eye conditions such as:

  • detached retina
  • diabetic retinopathy
  • cataract monitor
  • macular degeneration
  • glaucoma.

In such cases, Eye Department is required to bill your medical insurance. In instances such as emergency red eyes, foreign body removals or flashes and floaters, your medical insurance will provide your coverage. Vision benefits provide coverage and/or discounts on eye health exams, eyeglasses and contacts.

Medical and Vision Insurances accepted at Eye Department in Portland by Eye Doctor Annie Bacon

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